About Us

Three years ago, in 2022, we had the idea to organize a project for Autism Acceptance Month with the New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority where children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) got to make public service announcements throughout the subway system. Many children with ASD exhibit perseverative behaviors around trains. It is not at all unusual for the first full sentences an autistic child utters to be a train announcement.

Children with Autism Transforming Transit Announcements Across America

The project took off immediately, attracting dozens of children, their families, and wide media attention. So we did it again in 2023—only this time with almost every major transit agency in the U.S. Over 100 local children with autism who love trains in San Francisco, Atlanta, Washington, New Jersey and New York City put their own unique twists on subway service announcements and then BART, MARTA, Washington Metro, NJ Transit and the Metropolitan Transit Agency played them throughout their systems in April (Autism Acceptance Month). In 2024, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority and the Maryland Transit Administration participated for a total of 7 major transit agencies.

Transforming Transportation and Advocating Globally

The project was so successful that this year we started this non-profit: The Autism Transit Project. We aim to raise money, collaborate with supportive brands and foundations, and take the initiative global to those foreign countries with state-of-the-art transit systems but mixed histories when it comes to the equitable treatment of those who are neurodivergent.

Jonathan Trichter


I run a growing network of schools for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. In 2022, I organized a project with the New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority for Autism Awareness Month where children with ASD got to make public service announcements throughout the NYC subway system. After its initial success, I took the project to transit agencies across the country, and next year I plan to take the initiative global.

Our Mission

Our goal is to put the resources we raise to work on this project as well as workforce partnerships with transit agencies to connect young adults with ASD who love transit with job opportunities at transportation authorities that might provide them genuine careers and a pathway to financial independence—a huge challenge for people with neurological differences.

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Empowering Acceptance and Connection Through Mass Transit

The Autism Transit Project is a non-profit 501c3 whose mission it is to spread acceptance and awareness that people with autism are worthy and valuable parts of their societies—different perhaps, but no less.

The project relies on its ability to channel the connection many with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) have to mass transit systems in a positive way. It started with an idea when its founder, Jonathan Trichter, launched a widely praised initiative that allows autistic children who love trains to record subway service announcements that are then broadcast publicly throughout their local transit systems in conjunction with Autism Acceptance Months. In 2023, over 100 children and 5 major transit agencies across the country participated. This year, in 2024, that number is up to 7 transit agencies with even more kiddos!